Reviews & Quotes | Reimagining Safety

Dr. Reggie Walker | Director of EOP, Rider University
"Remaining Safety was just the documentary we need in today's climate, as it forced us to confront ourselves with the hard questions around policing and safety in this country. It was thought provoking without being judgemental and convicting without being condemning. It's message is one that is appealing and logical, allowing it to speak clearly to all who view the film, regardless of what their individual stance may be on policing in this country. I'm so glad we showcased Mr. Solomon's amazing documentary for our students and look forward to showing it again."

Hân Trần | Washington Human Rights Commissioner
"Reimagining Safety," directed by Matthew Solomon, offers a visionary portrayal of a world where human dignity and safety are foundational principles. This documentary is not just a film; it's a vital blueprint and a solid primer for a future that prioritizes the humanity and dignity of every individual. Solomon masterfully exposes the threads of structural oppression while highlighting the power of community-driven care and resistance.

What resonates deeply with me is the film's approach to community engagement—emphasizing something as simple yet profound as getting to know your neighbors. This act alone reclaims the narrative of safety and establishes a foundation for mutual support and understanding. The narrative empathetically centers on those most affected by inequity, alongside the policymakers, illustrating a dynamic dialogue between them.

"Reimagining Safety" challenges us to envision and actively shape a world where everyone's life and experiences are valued and safeguarded. While the film acknowledges that implementing such profound structural and communal changes is challenging, it also inspires a hopeful resolve. It reminds us that understanding existing systems and strategically dismantling them can lead to inclusive, transformative growth.

As Ruha Benjamin profoundly states, and as echoed through this film, we must "remember to imagine and craft the worlds you cannot live without, just as you dismantle the ones you cannot live within." Solomon's documentary invites us all to engage in this critical, creative, and necessary reimagining."

Olayemi Olurin | Movement Lawyer and Political Commentator
"An incredible, transformative resource that we absolutely NEED everyone to see!"

Bunchy Carter | Minister of Defense, The Black Panther Party Washington State
"An era-defining documentary [that] will be a part of political education classes for the Panthers!"

Chuck Modiano | Justice Journalist
"An absolute must-see documentary!"

Baz Dreisinger | Founder of the Prison-to-College Pipeline, Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and Founding Executive Director of Incarceration Nations Network
"An indispensable account of a movement that continues to change the face of justice in the US!"