Reviews & Quotes | Somewhere Between

Jaclyn Skalnik, MSW Adoption Professional, Transracial Adoptee
"While this film connects those in the adoption community, it also demonstrates everyone’s needs to feel connected and rooted. ​"

University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration Gina Miranda Samuels, Associate Professor
"This is a film I would show to a wide range of learners—adoptive parents, graduate students in social work/education/psychology/law, and current professionals in the adoption field. The documentary provides a rare and balanced look inside a diverse array of experiences among young adults adopted from China transitioning to adulthood while simultaneously navigating the salience of their Chinese heritage alongside their experiences as transracially and transnationally adopted persons.  It is deeply moving and educational; a film that touches the heart and mind."

Los Angeles Times | Kenneth Turan
"It's not just that the participants turn out to be poised, articulate and candid. Their position between cultures — some of them are the only Chinese person in the cities they live in — has made them more than usually thoughtful and self-aware. ... You'd have to be a stone not to be moved."

NY Daily News | Joe Neumaier
"As this strong, moving documentary shows, for those who came to the U.S., reconnecting to their culture and blood relatives can result in a generation of young people who feel ‘somewhere between’ Chinese and American… All have their own stories, but the common narrative in these ‘trans-racial’ kids’ lives is the strength it takes to be who you are and to flourish when identity becomes one more challenge."

New York Magazine | Bilge Ebiri
"Interesting, heartfelt look at the lives and cultural awakening of Chinese girls adopted into the U.S."