Reviews & Quotes | Sepa: Nuestro Señor de los milagros

The New York Times | Glenn Kenny
"A provocative addition to the literature of incarceration."

The Last Thing I See
"An engrossing cinematic essay on captivity and detention, Sepa offers a different perspective, a different piece of a larger conversation, and feels pressing and urgent, as much today as in 1986."

The Film Stage | Jaime Grijalba

Boomstick Comics | Bryan Kluger
"Sepa shows that the traditional prison system isn’t working, with its mere existence being a protest. Recommended!"

Backseat Mafia | Rob Aldam
"Lost for decades, the newly restored SEPA: Nuestro Señor de los Milagros is a fascinating insight into a different way of treating felons....a film which is both deeply empathetic and thoroughly engrossing."


"After languishing in a closet for more than three decades, this newly-rediscovered film is a unique documentary record of a bold and troubling experiment in criminal justice."