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Library Journal | J. Osicki, Saint John Free Public Library
"This is an edifying, unembellished look at a humble man who has devoted his life to helping people navigate the pleasurable yet oft-bewildering world of human sexuality. Highly recommended for all viewers."

Video Librarian ★★★
Reviewed by C, P. (K. Fennessy)
"With a mixture of wit and respect, director Vaishali Sinha profiles Dr. Mahinder Watsa, 'India’s foremost sexologist,'... An engaging portrait, this is recommended."

Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) | Reviewed by Linda Frederiksen, Washington State University
"This entertaining overview of a serious and universal topic is recommended for general audiences and human development courses."

Huffington Post | Morena Duwe, Music & Culture
"An intimate look at the way Indians talk about sex."

The Globe and Mail | Zosia Bielski, Senior Writer
"The film deftly moves between Watsa, his conservative detractors and gorgeous footage of young lovers on the streets of Mumbai … In a country where sex ed is banned in a third of states, a country that tallied nearly 35,000 rape cases in 2015, Watsa is a radical and necessary voice of reason."

Screen Daily | Fionnuala Halligan, Chief Film Critic
"Sinha presents this unique personality against a backdrop of a glowing Mumbai, where he is stopped on the street by young fans and take selfies as he launches his book, ‘It’s Normal’.  Stooped and kindly, he’s India’s favourite straight-talking uncle, only one who advertises Viagra as a sideline. He’s certainly a find."

Cinema Axis
"I find it utterly impossible not to be charmed by Dr. Watsa and, by extension, by this documentary by Vaishali Sinha … Dr. Watsa writes plainly, even conversationally, to his readers with honesty, openness, and precision – three things otherwise completely missing from the field … This is a fascinating documentary. Sinha has found a brilliant subject and has the good sense to stick with him. I’m positive that he will endear audiences near and far."