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Tulane UniversityWalter Isaacson, Professor of American History and Values
“The short, brilliant & scary doc… goes deep inside the Macedonian fake news industry and shows the truth behind the lies — and the impact it had on America. Very important!”

Educational Media Reviews Online | Russell A. Hall, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Penn State Erie
RECOMMENDED "Selling Lies examines the fake news generated in Macedonia focusing on U.S. politics preceding the 2016 elections. Indeed, it seems ludicrous that young Macedonians could have an impact on U.S. presidential politics and possibly the outcome of that election, but producer/director Leslie Iwerks ably shows how this chain of events occurred ... [C]ould serve as a solid entry point for larger discussions on fake news and misinformation on the internet."

“What's quite possibly the most interesting thing about Selling Lies is the way that it absolutely does refrain from making a judgment on this conflict between morality and money. The different positions are put forth and the audience is left to discuss it all after the fact."