Reviews & Quotes | The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales

Gloria Steinem
“You must see The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales! It explains how top executives got richer as workers got poorer. Personally, I'm not seeing another Disney anything until fairness to all its workers is not just a fantasy. I salute Abby Disney for expressing this suffering imposed in her family name."

Educational Media Reviews Online | Reviewed by Alan Witt, Business Librarian, SUNY Geneseo
"The film is unabashedly activist with a defined viewpoint on the current state of economic inequality, but its reliance on personal experiences as contrasted with talking points in the media makes that viewpoint ring true."

Variety | Peter Debruge
“[It] makes a powerful statement when a member of one of America’s most respected families steps forward and demands change, not unlike the way Mary L. Trump speaks out against her uncle Donald…One of great-uncle Walt’s greatest strengths was his ability to take the complexity of the real world and simplify it so even children could understand. Here, Abigail does the same.”

The Hollywood Reporter | Frank Scheck
“Still, the film makes an extremely powerful, timely and important statement, especially coming from someone whose name carries such symbolic weight. Disney deserves tremendous credit for standing up for what’s right, even if it means biting the family hand that feeds her.”

Los Angeles Times | Josh Rottenberg
“Through the stories of Disneyland workers living on the edge of poverty and the perspective of labor experts and academics, the film strips away the cheery veneer of the "Happiest Place on Earth" to expose what Disney sees as the immoral culture of corporate greed at not only its heart but that of American capitalism as a whole."

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO | Sara Nelson, International President
"Every person in America (and around the world) needs to see this movie. Thanks, Abigail Disney for this film - that's not just about Disney, but an entire system that we have to get out of the cruel grip of unchecked capitalism and into the hands of the people."

Film Threat | Norman Gidney
“The film is an essential look at the realities facing the American workforce.”