Reviews & Quotes

Andre Singer, President of The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland & CEO of Spring Films Ltd
"As both a filmmaker and an anthropologist, this appeals to me on every level and particularly because instead of being descriptive in nature, it gives Indigenous people a voice and exposes the problems they face through their eyes. I have recently been directly involved in several feature documentaries looking at the plight of Indigenous people and we were fortunate enough to garner Oscar nominations, Peabody, RTS, Emmy and Focal Awards and others as an indication that there is an appetite and concern for the issues that The Condor & the Eagle is addressing."

Mark Ruffalo, Academy Award Nominee 
"I am very impressed with this inspiring Indigenous alliance initiative. The Condor & The Eagle is an important Documentary witnessing how Indigenous people are organizing their communities around Mother wisdom”.

Greenpeace International | Tzeporah Berman, former co-director
“Their project is not just a film. It is connecting movements, supporting Indigenous Women leaders and building amazing strategic partnerships. I think it has tremendous International communications possibilities”.

Douglas Blush, Oscar-winning Producer / Editor (Mr. Soul, Icarus, 20 Feet From Stardom, The Hunting Ground, The Invisible War, etc.)
"This documentary takes the struggle for Climate Justice beyond the standard borders of separate nations and shows a new, larger movement rising up across many Indigenous peoples, using thrilling cinematography, deeply personal stories and the urgency of tomorrow’s headlines. The Condor & The Eagle is both a profound work of climate journalism and an exhilarating, emotional adventure film”.