Reviews & Quotes | The Grey Area

Educational Media Reviews Online | Reviewed by Jarvis Sparks, Librarian, Media & Student Outreach, Langara College
"[The Grey Area] presents a valuable perspective for a broader discussion of gender and discrimination in a women’s studies, LGBT studies, or sociological context."

Stephens College | Steph Borklund, Professor of Film
"The Grey Area is a phenomenal film and a phenomenal classroom tool for teachers at any level of education. It clearly, candidly, and creatively lays out the struggle and triumph of women in the LGBTQ+ community. As a college professor I’m looking forward to showing this film to the students in my LGBTQ Cinema class. It is the perfect film for incoming Freshman and for DEI offices to use for campus training. The Grey Area is the perfect, positive message young students need to hear!"

Nadia Ramoutar, Ph D
"The Grey Area is a significant cinematic journey behind the rigid curtain of American gender norms. It illuminates the pain and suffering needlessly forced on people who don’t experience it as black and white. This film gives an essential voice to those who linger in the grey area and who deserve to be seen and treated with respect and embraced with compassion."

School Library Journal | Maggie Knapp
"The ­takeaway is that no one should be asked to sacrifice their sense of self to fit into society’s view of what “feminine” looks like. This ­documents the experiences of Anfuso and other gender nonconforming people, from middle school years through adulthood, in an accessible way."