Reviews & Quotes

Jewish Film Review
"The explosive blend of fanaticism, hypocrisy and cynicism exposed here is mind-boggling." 

"Outstanding, important and disturbing." 

Filmmaker Magazine
"[A] cinematic exercise in Orwellian logic."

Screen Daily | Jonathan Romney
"A toxic mix of fundamentalist religion and real world politics is examined soberly but startlingly."

The New York Times | Til Kingdom Come’ Review: An Unusual Religious Bond
"'Til Kingdom Come,' the new documentary by Maya Zinshtein, probes the entanglements of politics and prophecy that bind two strange bedfellows: American evangelical Christians and Israeli Jews."

The New York Times | American Evangelicals, Israeli Settlers and a Skeptical Filmmaker
"Illuminates what the director calls an 'unholy alliance' that sharply altered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during the Trump administration ... The film is likely to teach Christian and Jewish audiences in the United States a great deal about subjects they may have thought they already understood — including how American politics really work."

The Hollywood Reporter
"Illuminating and disturbing"