Reviews & Quotes | 'Til Kingdom Come

Video Librarian
"Zinshtein includes telling interviews from the Ecksteins and the Binghams while drawing incisive portraits of the communities they lead and makes excellent use of news footage to explain the wider religious and political context in which they operate. This is an engrossing documentary on a provocative subject. Recommended."

Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) | Barb Kundanis, Longmont Public Library, Longmont, CO
"Worth a look for a behind the scenes view of how Evangelicals influence policy and the state of Israel in the future. Recommended for religion courses teaching both these topics."

Booklist | Reviewed by Candace Smith
"This is a complex, controversial issue, and this even handed film is sure to raise discussion."

Jewish Film Review
"The explosive blend of fanaticism, hypocrisy and cynicism exposed here is mind-boggling." 

"Outstanding, important and disturbing." 

Filmmaker Magazine
"[A] cinematic exercise in Orwellian logic."

Screen Daily | Jonathan Romney
"A toxic mix of fundamentalist religion and real world politics is examined soberly but startlingly."

The New York Times | Til Kingdom Come’ Review: An Unusual Religious Bond
"'Til Kingdom Come,' the new documentary by Maya Zinshtein, probes the entanglements of politics and prophecy that bind two strange bedfellows: American evangelical Christians and Israeli Jews."

The New York Times | American Evangelicals, Israeli Settlers and a Skeptical Filmmaker
"Illuminates what the director calls an 'unholy alliance' that sharply altered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during the Trump administration ... The film is likely to teach Christian and Jewish audiences in the United States a great deal about subjects they may have thought they already understood — including how American politics really work."

The Hollywood Reporter
"Illuminating and disturbing"