Reviews & Quotes

Valerie Lang Waldin, J.D., M.L.S., Associate Professor | Hudson Valley Community College
"As an animal law professor and academic librarian, I recognize the tremendous need for fact-based humane education. THE LAST PIG meets this need with beautiful imagery, an intriguing story line, and compelling facts. Our school’s screening experience was thought-provoking, profound, and philosophically robust. I am grateful that such a film finally exists. As institutions of higher learning, in which positive social change and prophetic thinking often begin, I hope you’ll consider bringing The Last Pig to your school. We can only benefit from this visionary work."

Staci Hurley, Humane Educator | San Diego Humane Society
"I'm so excited that The Last Pig has been edited for use in classrooms. This program allows me to get kids to think about the impact of our choices in a sensitive, age-appropriate way. The video is beautiful and thought-provoking, but not graphic, and the 40+ page guide is AMAZING!!! All the work has been done for us!"

Moby | Music Icon, Restaurateur, Author, and Animal Activist
"Startling, honest, and deeply beautiful”

Richard Linklater | Award-Winning Film Director
“I want every single person in the world to see this film.”

James Cromwell | Award-Winning Actor
“An extraordinarily insightful and moving film. Profoundly important as well!”