Reviews & Quotes | THE WILD ONE

Film ThreatBrittany Witherspoon
"… this work [The Wild One] celebrates the controversial filmmaker with grace and style."

The Times (UK) | Ann Joseph
"Fascinating and beautifully made."

Freelance Filmmaker Magazine | Peter Rinaldi
“Tessa Louise-Salomé has made the Jack Garfein documentary he deserves. The Wild One is a visually beautiful, thoughtful, impeccably structured film that doesn’t shy away from the rough stuff. I was very impressed and moved.”

Big Picture Sound | David Kempler
"Salomé does a marvelous job presenting a bio of an exceptionally artistic man in her own artistic manner. It works beautifully as an introduction to Garfein and as a piece of art on its own."

Cinema Daily US | Chiara Spagnoli 
"Tessa Louise-Salomé’s innovative cinematic exploration of acting as a form of survival, respects history while unraveling a truly unique life story." 
"The Wild One makes us take our hats off to this maverick of the first order."

FilmuforiaMeredith Taylor
"Passionate and informative, The Wild One showcases the Jack Garfein for a wider audience."

Golden Globes.comBrent Simon
“an evocative effort that is truly a film of its own.”

MazeAude Cuilhé
“Through this feature film, with its equally visual and narrative intelligence, Tessa Louise-Salomé provides a sharp insight into this lesser-known and sometimes enigmatic director.”

Miles Nadal JCC - Toronto, Canada
"We held the Wild One screening in our theatre yesterday, we had 70 registrants, mostly older adults/seniors, and they were extremely moved – many visibly to tears. Only 2 had heard of Garfein before, many said it was one of the best films they had ever seen. We used the study guide as a springboard for a post-film Q&A, and some stayed long after the film ended to continue the discussion. We are very grateful to Good Docs and Jewish Story Partners for providing our community with this very important education impact program."