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Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) | Jessica Brangiel, Electronic Resources Management Librarian, Swarthmore College
"Unadopted packs a punch yet leaves the viewer somewhat hopeful due to the filmmakers decision to showcase the positive outcomes for kids who have successfully survived the system either through emancipation or in one rare case adoption at age sixteen. This film will resonate with students from high school through college and would complement course work in children/family/youth studies. It is equally valuable to adult viewers inspiring the desire to get involved to change this broken system."

Video Librarian
Strongly Recommended "Filmmaker Noel Anaya takes a hard look at America’s broken foster care system in the thoughtful documentary Unadopted [...] [T]he most compelling material concerns Anaya himself, as he unravels his life story and gets some answers as to why he ended up in foster care to begin with. The answers, steeped in outrageous cultural and racial biases that separated Anaya from his Latina, non-English-speaking mother, when he was a small boy, will leave one brooding over our treatment of vulnerable minorities."

NPR | Noel King, host of Morning Edition & Up First
"A terrific film"

School Library Journal | Recommended DVDs for Elementary, Middle School, and High School Classrooms
Noel is a thoughtful and prepared interviewer at the heart of a film that doesn’t offer neat answers. Experiences of children of color in foster care are specifically addressed."

National Review
"These programs tug at our heartstrings with the tragic details of the child-welfare system they present. But if you watch closely, you see that they also reveal important policy errors in the system and that they give the public a window into just how things have gone so wrong."

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