Reviews & Quotes | Uprooted

Educational Media Reviews Online | Reviewed by Linda Dempf, Music and Media Librarian, The College of New Jersey
"This film is an excellent introduction to a truly American dance form, while decentering whiteness and raising broader issues of racial bias and cultural hierarchies. It has wide appeal and would be suitable for classes in dance, African American studies, American studies, cultural studies, and history."

Video Librarian | J. Zimmerman
☆ "[T]hose teaching dance, high school-level history teachers, and public librarians should heavily consider this title."

New Yorker Magazine
"Illustrates an often disrespected genre and a history as complex as that of race in America."

Hollywood Reporter | Sheri Linden
"Offers and enriching collective to the official story of jazz dance."
"A thoughtful and impassioned look at the often ignored roots of a quintessential art form."
"Khadifa Wong's Uprooted couldn't be more timely"

The Guardian | Lyndsey Winship
"Uprooted is a fascinating piece of social history."
"A film that reclaims the history of jazz dance"

Dance Magazine | Crystal Nicholls
"A fascinating deep dive into the complex history and evolution of jazz dance."
"This documentary will make you fall in love with jazz dance all over again."

Dancing Times Magazine | Marianka Swain
"Uprooted's timing feels perfect"

ALT Africa | Khadifa Wong
"My goal was to make a film about dance ....not a dance film."

France 24 (TV Interview)
"UPROOTED - an illuminating film that reclaims true the history of jazz dance"

Dance Tabs
"Uprooted is alive as a documentary...really searching for the truth about jazz dance (and) to demonstrate the genres deep complexity."

Frame Form
"You can see how 'normal' people would see such incredible value in this's rich history, social cultural context and I just love how the film does not feel like a lecture."
"The film is not telling you what to think it's giving you the exposure so you compose your own thoughts..."

500 Days of Film
"Now, perhaps more than ever, we need to protect the arts - as a result, UPROOTED - Khadifa Wong's thought provoking documentary, could not be feel timely."

The New York Times | Brian Siebert
" film in the festival is more urgent"

Baltimore County Public School | Maria R., Dance Educator
"The movie viewing [of Uprooted] and discussion to follow got me thinking even more about cultural relevance and how to teach with intention and attention to this very critical need of our students."