Reviews & Quotes | Writing with Fire

Washington Post | Jason Rezaian
"The most inspiring journalism movie — maybe ever."

New York Times | Devika Girish
"Rousing...nothing short of galvanizing."

Hollywood Reporter | Inkoo Kang
"Insightful and inspirational…the film’s sense of intimacy and immediacy makes the viewer feel like they’re on a ride-along with the journalists...the filmmakers illuminate the change that can happen when the most marginalized members of a society empower themselves..."

Indiewire | Kate Erbland
"Armed with eagle-eyed filmmakers and compelling subjects, the film deftly blends the (inextricably linked) personal and professional sides of the journalists’ work, offering up a wide-ranging look at a vital outlet with so many stories to tell…the result is profound"

LA Times | Robert Abele
"A vital, stimulating dispatch from the frontlines of consequential citizen journalism"

Screen International | Amber Wilkinson
"As this engaging and hopeful documentary by Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh shows, words have the power to change things when wielded carefully…‘I believe journalism is the essence of democracy,’ says Meera. Watching this will make you believe it too."

Film Companion | Rahul Desai
"This documentary is a profoundly powerful reminder of people in the time of politics. Of speaking in an era of silence. And of writing – stories, videos, segments, history itself – in the age of hellfire."