Reviews & Quotes | Say His Name: Five Days for George Floyd

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"Say His Name is short enough to screen during a class lecture or assigned as homework. It would support many academic courses including criminal justice, sociology, urban studies and, as the years continue to put a distance between George Floyd’s murder and the present, American history."

Jury Comments | DocEdge Film Festival
"Darnella Frazier captured the death of George Floyd on camera, and the widespread distribution of that footage demanded accountability for the unjust murder. Subsequently, filmmaker Cy Dodson captured in real time the arc of a few days of human emotional expression at the scene of the crime, processing that community’s reaction to the injustice ... This film marks a moment in time that will be studied for decades. While it is very difficult to watch, the jury hopes that it will help the audience look critically at the historical and systemic white supremacy that led to the murder of George Floyd, and commit to dismantling racism in all of our institutions and systems. As one of the subjects says at the end of the film: Let the healing work begin."