Curated Docs By Bitchitra Collective


Bitchitra Collective is a secular and inclusive network of Indian & diasporic women & non-binary filmmakers dedicated to the values of equity, justice and diversity. Our mission is enabling authentic storytelling and creating an equitable film and media landscape for women & non-binary filmmakers from India and the Indian diaspora by providing access to resources, and inclusive opportunities for growth, collaboration, learning and networking. We are a growing organization of 300+ filmmakers of Indian origin that acts as a peer knowledge network and support group to elevate artists’ work and alleviate artists’ struggles. Our members are based in the United States and India, and identify across a range of roles such as directors, producers, editors, impact producers, former funders, film programmers and critics, film professors, radio and podcast storytellers, illustrators and cinematographers. We support women and non-binary artists whose work explores topics relevant to our current global and local circumstances, and which contributes to our own growth, as a collective group and as individual artists. We connect our members within and across continents through sister grassroots networks, and add value through industry knowledge, shared lived experiences, and connections and opportunities for funding and distribution. W:  | FB:  | X: