Film poster for "The Last Pig" with silhouette of a man and a pig.
Film poster for "The Last Pig" with silhouette of a man and a pig.


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OUTSTANDING DOCUMENTARY FILM - Humane Society of the United States Genesis Awards | GRAND AWARD - Japan Wildlife Film Festival | BEST DOCUMENTARY - NH Docs | RECOMMENDED - Educational Media Reviews Online

Social Justice • Ethics • Animal Rights • Humane Education • Agriculture • Philosophy • Environmental Studies • Sustainability • Theology

Date of Completion: 2020 | Run Time: 4 Versions All Available DVD & Streaming - Full Length/College 52 min / High School 36 min / Middle School 31 min / Elementary School 15 min​​ | Language: English | Captions: Yes | Includes: Educational Kits (College/Adult, High School, Middle School, & Elementary School) available upon purchase Director & Producer: Allison Argo | Cinematography: Joseph Brunette

This award-winning documentary chronicles the life of a farmer in crisis: after a decade of raising pigs, he can no longer bear the ultimate act of betrayal. Set against the stunning backdrop of Upstate New York, THE LAST PIG documents his final year on the farm. Deeply immersive, the film is a poetic snapshot, a contemplation on compassion, ethics, and the changing landscape of animal agriculture. In intimate detail, it captures the farmer’s personal upheaval as he questions his own morality and the value of life. Through the story’s simple intimacy, the farmer’s moral quandary quietly becomes our own.

Valerie Lang Waldin, J.D., M.L.S., Associate Professor | Hudson Valley Community College
"As an animal law professor and academic librarian, I recognize the tremendous need for fact-based humane education. THE LAST PIG meets this need with beautiful imagery, an intriguing story line, and compelling facts. Our school’s screening experience was thought-provoking, profound, and philosophically robust. I am grateful that such a film finally exists. As institutions of higher learning, in which positive social change and prophetic thinking often begin, I hope you’ll consider bringing The Last Pig to your school. We can only benefit from this visionary work."

Educational Media Reviews Online | Dmitrii Sidorov, California State University, Long Beach
 "The film is set amidst the beautiful rural landscapes of Upstate New York where a pig farmer contemplates his experience and a moral predicament: he cannot stand any more sending his pigs to the slaughterhouse and therefore has decided to refocus his business on growing veggies. Such a short and simple storyline has many advantages. The message is clear and likely would resonate with many students of the younger generations that tend to value high sustainability, environment, and animal rights.

"The fact that the film is available in four different versions (from the Elementary School to the University level) of different length and accompanied by film companion guides is exemplary: all educational videos should follow this model.

"Cinematography (by Joseph Brunette) is unpretentious and certainly poetic with its focus on pigs’ eyes and low angle shots to imitate the pigs' point of view and perspective. The farmer’s intimate first-voice narration and evocative music allow the viewer to notice nuances and adsorb emotions: the film is a nostalgic farewell to the farm and its inhabitants, the pigs."

"This is a beautifully shot, sensitively narrated program that will stir discussion on animal rights."

Video Librarian ★★★/4
"Even viewers not necessarily captured by the [pigs] should respond to the film's emotional weight and message, delivered—dare we say?—tastefully."

Staci Hurley, Humane Educator | San Diego Humane Society
"I'm so excited that The Last Pig has been edited for use in classrooms. This program allows me to get kids to think about the impact of our choices in a sensitive, age-appropriate way. The video is beautiful and thought-provoking, but not graphic, and the 40+ page guide is AMAZING!!! All the work has been done for us!"

Moby | Music Icon, Restaurateur, Author, and Animal Activist
"Startling, honest, and deeply beautiful”

Richard Linklater | Award-Winning Film Director
“I want every single person in the world to see this film.”

James Cromwell | Award-Winning Actor
“An extraordinarily insightful and moving film. Profoundly important as well!”

Zelda Penzel “Giving Voice to the Voiceless” Award for Compassion, Justice & Animal Rights | Hamptons International Film Festival
Best Documentary | NH Docs Film Festival
Grand Award | Japan Wildlife Film Festival
Outstanding Documentary Film | Genesis Awards
Flamingo Award for Green Impact | Rotterdam Wildlife Film Festival
Grand Prize of the City of Innsbruk for Best Environmental Documentary | Innsbruk Nature Film Festival
Special Jury Award | Cinemambiente Environmental Film Festival
Best New England Filmmaker | Newburyport Film Festival
Audience Award | Mostra Animal
Prize of Bratislava Self-Governing Region | Ekotopfilm
Best Documentary Feature | Jelly Film Festival
Finalist | Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Full Frame Film Festival
DC Environmental Film Festival
Maine International Film Festival
Provincetown International Film Festival
Hot Springs Film Festival
Mill Valley Film Festival
Hamptons International Film Festival
Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
Woodstock Film Festival
Wild & Scenic Film Festival
Sedona International Film Festival
NH Docs Film Festival
New York Wild Film Festival
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
Genesis Awards - Humane Society of the United States
Crossroads Film Festival
EthnograFilm Festival
Japan Wildlife Film Festival
Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam
Korea Animal Rights Advocates Film Festival
Cinemabiente Environmental Film Festival
Matsalu International Film Festival
Animal Film Festival Korea
Gran Paradiso Film Festival
Jelly Film Festival
Ekotop Film Festival
Emerge Film Festival
Les Films Verts
Mostra Animal Film Festival
Planet in Focus Film Festival
Innsbruk Nature Film Festival
Earth Talks International Film Festival
Norman Film Festival
Newburyport Film Festival
DOCUTAH International Film Festival
ECOador Film Festival
Seoul Eco Film Festival
Auroville Film Festival
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
Lower East Side Film Festival
International Wildlife Film Festival

EDUCATIONAL KITS - full kits available upon purchase
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