the story of three women in a re-entry house as they battle addiction & recidivism


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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Educational Media Reviews Online | PRISONER JUSTICE PRIZE - Social Justice Film Festival | "A candid portrait of the opioid crisis" - Hyperallergic

Criminal Justice Studies • Addiction • Sociology • Women's Studies • American Studies

Date of Completion: 2018 | Run Time: 75 minutes​​ | Language: English | Captions: Available on Streaming / Not on DVD | Includes: Transcript Directors & Producers: Hannah Dweck & Yael Luttwak

GUEST HOUSE is a documentary feature that captures a six month period in the lives of three women previously incarcerated for non-violent crimes. The film takes you through the reality of reintegration from the prison system and dissolves some of the “otherness” that makes us feel more comfortable with our justice system. The feature attempts to objectively illuminate just how unjust “justice” can be, and just how not “other” many of these women are. The viewer gets to know the real hopes, dreams, desires, and disappointments of our protagonists and gain insight into their choices. The house is full of diverse personalities driven by survival instincts, and characters who use their humor and intelligence to deal with a broken justice system - a system that contributes to the recidivism of its criminals.

Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO) | Gisèle Tanasse, Film and Media Services Librarian, University of California Berkeley
"Guest House is highly recommended for college and general adults and would seem a valuable addition to high school classrooms focused on issues of incarceration and addiction. Above and beyond being a highly informative program, the filmmakers compellingly capture the full human experience of these incredible women, with laughter, heartaches, fears and hopes in a way that leaves me rooting for each individual and marveling at where they might be today."

Spirituality & Practice
"In a time when the United States’ opioid crisis is demanding more media and political attention, Guest House, sensitively directed by Hannah Dweck and Yael Luttwak, is necessary filmmaking [...] Guest House’s gentle but unflinching approach to its subjects’ journeys feels honest and real. [...]

Guest House is not just a personal story. It’s a societal one. It’s a quiet but firm reminder that those who use drugs are members of our human community and that funding, space, and societal solidarity, while scarce now, can make a world of difference for individuals and for us all, if we will only pay attention to how many doors we open for those most in need of some co-creative hope."

"A candid portrait of the opioid crisis and the work it takes to survive addiction."

Prisoner Justice Prize | Social Justice Film Festival
Official Selection | Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
Official Selection | Austin Film Festival
Official Selection | Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival
Official Selection | Chagrin Documentary Film Festival
Official Selection | High Falls Women's Film Festival

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