ONCE UPON A SEA | 360 ° Videos
Film poster for "Once Upon A Sea" with statues in Dead Sea.
ONCE UPON A SEA | 360 ° Videos
Film poster for "Once Upon A Sea" with statues in Dead Sea.
A collection of immersive 360° videos exploring the tragic tale of the legendary Dead Sea

ONCE UPON A SEA | 360 ° Videos

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Middle East Studies • Environmental Studies • Ocean and Marine Studies • Virtual Reality

Date of Completion: 2020 | Run Time: 25 minutes​​ | Language: English & Hebrew | Captions: Yes | Includes: Transcript & Study Guide | Director: Adi Lavy | Producers: Nimrod Shanit & Ina Fichman

ONCE UPON A SEA - Immersive 360° Videos is a poetic, interactive documentary experience that explores the tragic tale of the legendary Dead Sea. Comprised of three immersive videos that utilize 360° technology, viewers have the freedom to control their exploration of the footage on any device. Through a physical journey of the sea’s forbidden, moonlike landscapes, and the stories of local characters whose lives have been shaped by the Dead Sea, viewers gets a rare glimpse into one of the world’s most dangerous, soon to be extinct, wonders. Centuries of human intervention and political neglect have turned the Dead Sea into a precarious place. Its water levels have dropped dramatically, leaving behind sinkholes and collapsing beaches. This film experience offers a deep insight into the complexity and very human impact of this ecological and geopolitical crisis. ONCE UPON A SEA is our call to action.

Best Immersive Experience | VRE, Italy
Lumiere Award for Best Documentary XR | Stereopsia, Belgium

Venice Biennale
Cannes XR
Festival du Nouveau Cinéma