K-TOWN '92
Film poster for "K-Town '92" with people being interviewed.
K-TOWN '92
Film poster for "K-Town '92" with people being interviewed.
Twenty-five years after the 1992 civil unrest in Los Angeles, reporters of color reflect on their contributions to the news coverage of the historic event

K-TOWN '92

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Korean American History • Social Movements • Los Angeles History • American Studies • Criminal Justice Studies • Race, Culture & Ethnic Studies  African American Studies • Latinx Studies

Date of Completion: 2017 | Run Time: 15 minutes​​ | Language: English | Captions: No | Includes: Transcript | Director: Grace Lee | Producers: Grace Lee & Eurie Chung

When the LA riots/uprising/civil unrest exploded in 1992 following the acquittal of four LAPD officers who beat Rodney King, images of destruction beamed across the globe with little context as to why these events had occurred. TV news focused on African Americans, Latinos, and Koreans as both victims and perpetrators of violence, and footage of the “first multicultural riots” locked each group within a stereotype. K-TOWN 92 shares the reflections of Hector Tobar, Tammerlin Drummond, and John Lee, who in 1992, were young reporters of color covering the civil unrest for the Los Angeles Times. Twenty-five years later, they revisit the sites, stories and impressions of those tumultuous events and reflect on the media coverage they helped to create. In this film, Peabody award-winning filmmaker Grace Lee asks viewers to consider whose voices get to tell the story of the Los Angeles uprising.

Educational Media Reviews Online | Dorian Bowen, Archivist/Film Historian
"Brief but impactful, this short is highly recommended, and appropriate for a wide range of ages and curricula including Sociology, Psychology, Racism, Discrimination, Criminal Justice, Social Movements, Activism, Ethics, African-American Studies, Latinx-American Studies, Korean-American Studies, and United States History."

University of Colorado Colorado Springs | Stephen Cho Suh, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Women’s and Ethnic Studies Program (WEST)
"The K-TOWN’92 interactive documentary is an invaluable resource and teaching tool that will remain a fixture in my classes for as long as it continues to be available.”

Maum Consulting | Dr. Terry K Park, Founding Director
"It [K-TOWN’92] would work well in many college classrooms examining the relationships among urban America, media reporting, and movements for racial justice. Highly recommended."

Grace Lee won a Peabody Award for her documentary AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs about the life of civil rights activist and philosopher Grace Lee Boggs which won six festival audience awards before its national broadcast on the PBS series POV. She recently directed and produced the two-part documentary AND SHE COULD BE NEXT, about women of color transforming American politics, which broadcast on POV in 2020.  She was also a producer/director on ASIAN AMERICANS, a groundbreaking 5-part series that casts a fresh lens on US history through the stories, contributions and challenges of Asian Americans. Previous credits also include the Emmy-nominated MAKERS:WOMEN IN POLITICS for PBS; K-TOWN ‘92 about the 1992 Los Angeles civil unrest, OFF THE MENU: ASIAN AMERICA (PBS)  and THE GRACE LEE PROJECT (Sundance Channel). She is a co-founder of the Asian American Documentary Network,and a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.