The fight to eliminate cervical cancer everywhere


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"Everyone felt they learned more about cervical cancer, the global impact for women and the interventions for prevention" - Gail Petersen Hock, NCCC Arizona Chapter | "From the Heart" - UICC | "Powerful" - Collaborate Against Cancer

Cervical Cancer • Women's Health • Health Disparities • Global Health • Public Health • Cancer Survivorship • Access to Health Services • Health Literacy 

Date of Completion: 2023 | Run Time: 71 minutes​​ | Language: English | Captions: Yes | Includes: Transcript | Director: Mike Hill | Producers & Writers: Sue Collins & Mike Hill | Presenter: Sue Collins | Cinematography: Mike Hill | Editors: Steven Robinson ASE & Thomas Johns | Composer: Stephen Gallagher

Documentary filmmaker Sue Collins takes us on a journey through the United States to discover if cervical cancer elimination is within reach. In Australia, cervical cancer is about to be put in the history books thanks to Australian scientists who developed the vaccine for the Human Papillomavirus(HPV) that causes cervical cancer. The vaccine rollout via many public health initiatives will see Australia become the first country to eliminate this cancer. Can the United States follow suit? Exploring stories from the United States and around the world, Sue investigates what needs to change to achieve the incredible feat of eliminating cervical cancer. It is estimated that by doing so, it could save the lives of an estimated 62 million women worldwide. The stories from cervical cancer survivors are full of wisdom, determination and heart, and their triumph fills Sue with hope for a cervical cancer-free world. However, she is also confronted with the health and economic grip cervical cancer has on the world’s poorest women, not just overseas but also within the United States. Meeting with experts from around the world such as Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from the World Health Organisation and Professor Ian Frazer from The University of Queensland, Sue learns that the elimination pillars are in place but now need to be implemented globally, including in many parts of the USA. Sue’s journey is a salute to both, the survivor advocates and those working in the field - a celebration of how far we have come - but is also a cry for how far we have to go. 

Robert Rusnak | Teacher, The Awty International School
"Cancer is always a human story. You know, I think it's the human stories that we relate to that help us understand why it's essential that we have to eradicate. It gives me hope when I see the film".

Eve McDavid | Mission Driven Tech
“Thank you for seeing the value in Dr. Balogun & my stories and featuring us in your incredible film. Conquering Cancer will be in the history books when we look back on the reasons how and why Elimination happened. Thank you for this important artistic and scientific contribution to the world.”

Melissa Lopez Varon | PhD, MS Program Director Global Oncology, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
“This one-of-a-kind project is helping us spread the message of cervical cancer prevention beyond our usual circles of colleagues in research and public health. The film gives color, shape and form to our strategy, it is aligned with our goals to expand the reach of the Cervical Cancer Elimination goals to the public, and empower them to support and participate in cervical cancer prevention and control."

Ernest Hawk | MD, MPH Boone Pickens Distinguished Chair for Early Cancer Prevention VP & Division Head, Cancer Prevention & Population Sciences The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Conquering Cervical Cancer tells the exciting story of what I consider to be one of, if not the, greatest example of translational progress against cancer to date"