Film Poster for "Full Circle." A man in a wheelchair holds a camera while a man skis.
Film Poster for "Full Circle." A man in a wheelchair holds a camera while a man skis.
An unblinking examination of the challenges of life after spinal cord injury... and a celebration of the opportunity for growth that such a tragedy can present


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GRAND PRIZE - Banff Mountain Film Festival AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD - Breckenridge Film Festival | BEST MOVIE - High Fives Film Festival | BEST FEATURE FILM - Lookout Wild Film Festival WINNER - Student Jury Prize Mountainfilm OFFICIAL SELECTION - Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Disability • Mental Health • Depression • Addiction • Adaptive Sports

Date of Completion: 2023 | Run Time: 104 minutes​​ | Language: English | Captions: Yes | Includes: Transcript | Director: Josh BermanProducer: Conor Smith | Editor: Thomas Crandall

On November 15th, 2014, Trevor Kennison’s life changed in an instant when he broke his back snowboarding in the Colorado backcountry. The film follows Trevor on his journey as he adapts to his new reality, inadvertently following a path laid out for him 50 years earlier by Barry Corbet, the famed mountaineer, adventurer, author, and paraplegic disability advocate. On a whim, Trevor tried sit-skiing for the first time (a device enabling wheelchair users to ski). His life changed forever again: setting goals around sit-skiing gave him a newfound purpose. Despite setbacks from secondary injuries, an unsupportive family, and the tiresome reality of living with Spinal Cord Injury, a career as a professional skier blossomed and Trevor finds himself redefining disability on a global scale, inadvertently building off the foundation laid by Barry.

Apple News | Shaker Samman
"Trevor Kennison’s story is raw and human. It’s joyful, sure, but at times it’s painful – something this film thankfully does not shy away from. FULL CIRCLE is a story about what it means to dig deep, as an athlete, and a person."

Forbes | Michelle Bruton
"One of the most moving ski films in recent memory."

Mountain Gazette | Mike Rogge
"FULL CIRCLE is a satisfying, masterful, and honest documentary. The film will punch you in the gut and lift you up offering a full range of emotional payoffs."

National Geographic | Sofia Jaramillo
"FULL CIRCLE is a storytelling feat – a must-see movie that will push your understanding of what it means to be an athlete."

Josh Dueck, Paralympic Champion
"As an athlete, amateur historian, person with a disability and person who loves ski culture; you fucking nailed this."

New Mobility Magazine | Ian Ruder, Editor
"The film is beautiful, intelligent and moving. Barry’s writing always hits me at the core, and to have built a movie that lives up to that standard and even elevates it, is quite an accomplishment."

Project Possible | Chris Slavin
"The honesty and truthfulness with which the creators presented the reality of life with Spinal Cord Injury was a relief. We need films like this – you guys put something really spectacular together."

Grand Prize 
| Banff Mountain Film Festival
Audience Choice Award | Breckenridge Film Festival
Best Movie | High Fives Film Festival
Best Feature Film | Lookout Wild Film Festival
Student Jury Prize | Mountainfilm

Santa Barbara International Film Festival